John Renbourn

Just to remind you all…… tickets selling fast so better, and cheaper to book now on CRBO at 01726 879500…. He is the best player of guitar you will see this year…..
See you there.

John Renbourn at the Acorn this Sunday (25th)


John Renbourn!

John Renbourn!

John Renbourn is playing the Acorn this Sunday. I am amazed that he is coming down here – delighted also as he is one of the major reasons that I play guitar and keep on listening to how it is done. I recall his first record – ‘National 7′, ‘Winter is gone’….. and then ‘Bert and John’ which got some playing on my old Dansette, and set down the challenge I still seek to meet.

He is one of the finest exponents of finger style acoustic guitar, a sixties survivor and someone who ha made a major contribution to the development of acoustic music across the world.

“I started off trying to play like Big Bill Broonzy – and I’m still trying!”

It was 1968 when he said that, but it went no further towards explaining the music he was playing then, after four years as a professional guitarist, than it does now, after fifty. However he might try to play it down, John Renbourn is a musician of an exceptional kind, combining an insight into the techniques of musical structure with an instrumental command and a sense of aesthetic adventurism, which together make him one of the most refreshing, not to say skilled and tasteful guitarists, to grace our ears today.

During, and after the 5 year life of PENTANGLE, John had been following up another, totally different direction, producing an album in 1968 which on one side offered a selection of jazzy up-tempo blues and acoustic Rock’n’Roll numbers, and on the other, folk tune arrangements, authentic Tudor pieces, and some extended self-penned tunes in the Tudor style. This album proved to be the starting point which led him to making the many classic solo albums for which he has now become famous, and which will give him het basis for Sunday’s concert in Penzance.

A John Renbourn concert takes the listener into a rich musical landscape of warm vocals and witty asides about the history of the songs. At the core is a revolutionary guitar style that explores the instrument’s potential in unusual and beautiful ways, created and performed by a consummate master.

Tickets are selling fast: call the Cornish Riviera Box Office: Tel: 01726 879500 drop into West Penwith Music or the Music Box if you happen be in Penzance.

I don’t care how you get there, but don’t miss it – tickets are selling fast though a few are still available.

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Just so you know:

Dave Peabody at the Phoenix Exeter Wednesday 14th

Spikedrivers at South Devon Arts Centre Totnes Thursday 15th

Dave Peabody at the Melting Pot Krowji Friday 16th

Spikedrivers at The Ritz Penzance Friday 16th

Dave Peabody at the Admiral Benbow Penzance Saturday 17th

Spikedrivers Phoenix Exeter Saturday 17th

Derrin Nauendorf Exeter Phoenix Sunday 25th

John Renbourn Acorn Penzance Sunday 25th


DAVE PEABODY! Britan’s Premier Acoustic Bluesman…… at the Benbow!! Saturday 17th

Dave Peabody(Photo-P. Ryalls)

Hmmm….. It’s true! Dave Peabody is visiting Penzance this Saturday. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to see him up close and personal.

Peabody was voted “Acoustic Blues Artist of the Year” 3 times by the British Blues Connection and Blues In Britain Magazine… guitarist, vocalist and raconteur, Dave began performing in the mid ‘60’s during the heyday of the great British blues boom. Over the years he has forged connections with many American blues artists including Mississippi legend ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards and Grammy award winning harmonica player Charlie Musselwhite, accompanying them on numerous British and European tours. He will be performing as a solo acoustic artist playing a blinding set of early country blues.

Over the years, Dave has played on stage with a host of blues men including such USA artists as Sonny Terry, Memphis Slim, Sonny Rhodes, Big Lucky Carter, Guitar Gabriel, Louisiana Red, Big Joe Duskin, Big Boy Henry, Chicago Bob Nelson, Dave Van Ronk, Roy Bookbinder, and John Hammond.

He’s recorded in the UK, USA, Belgium, Germany and Italy and performed at clubs and festivals in over 20 different countries (including the USA) making him one of the most experienced and seasoned British blues men performing today.

Dave Peabody enhanced his reputation as one of our most popular acoustic artists and raconteurs with a selection by the likes of the Memphis Jug Band, Tommy Johnson, Oscar “Buddy” Woods and Furry Lewis. plus a handful of his own compositions. There’s only one way to sum up this special evening – this was the Blues!”


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Marc hadley

Marc Hadley

Marc Hadley


Marc Hadley (saxophone) and Max Turnbull (piano) are playing tonight in Penzance

Where: St. Mary’s Church, Penzance, Chapel street

When: Friday, 26 July 2013

Doors open: 7.00 pm

Start: 7.30


Advanced: £ 7.00 (, Penwith Music, Music Box)

Door: £ 9.00

As part of a series of live music concerts covering various genres and benefiting from the excellent grand piano and acoustics of Penzance’s parish church, locally based musicians Marc Hadley and Max Turnbull will perform a concert set on the last Friday evening of July. Both players are well-known in Cornwall as active performers of live modern Jazz (Max has been the resident pianist at Falmouth’s Star & Garter Monday sessions for many years, and Marc has been a regular feature at The St Ives jazz club) but both are also session musicians who lend their talents to touring acts from across the UK and recording artists using recording studios in the County. Marc is also an active composer and songwriter, with an album on current release that is being reviewed, broadcast and distributed in six countries including Japan.

This concert will in part reflect this less public side of Marc’s  career as a writer, and will include a number of his original pieces, specially adapted to be performed for the combination of saxophone and piano-these drawn from the seven albums of “originals” that he’s recorded in the last 18 years, including one featuring Max as piano accompanist using the concert grand at Dartington College. Making up the rest of the program will be a number of favorite “ballad” compositions by Keith Jarret, Michele Petrucciani, Kenny Wheeler, Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, Thelonius Monk, Billy Strayhorn and Antonio Carlos Jobim. This is an opportunity to hear two accomplished improvisers playing reflective, ambient music in a range of styles: contemplative contemporary work that isn’t normally heard in Cornwall’s music venues outside of the Classical “circuit.


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Drop Dead Daddy to support Flats and Sharps May 31

The Oldest Band in Town!

The Oldest Band in Town!

Drop Dead Daddy is Penzance’s newest band I should think – I’m in it so I should know! We play Rockin’ Rhythm’n’Blues, and with a combined age of 266 years between the four of us we are the prefect foil for the these young whippersnappers. We are playing in support of Flats and Sharps at St Mary’s Church, Penzance this Friday – tickets now available and well worth purchasing – its cheaper in advance……

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Martin Carthy and Flats & Sharps

We had a good weekend: I went Morris dancing at the Guernards Head over by Zennor, and then returned on Sunday for some music where I saw Johanna Graham, who is soon to be playing at St Mary’s Church in Penzance. She was lovely, smooth and professional, and her band were on the button.

I grabbed the chance, of course, to let people know that Martin is down here on Saturday June 1st. Though it still feels like early Spring, in fact, June 1st is this coming Saturday….. and on the last day of May – this Friday – we have Flats and Sharps, Penzance’s….. Cornwall’s….. England’s…..finest young bluegrass band.

Here is Martin singing – he is a wonderful guitarists, and this is unaccompanied…

and here are Flats and Sharps….

Give’em a listen and get yerself down to St Mary’s Church in Penzance on Friday and Saturday…

The fun of it all!

from phone 2nd may 2013 024

so I am spending my time on Linked In, Facebook, WordPress here, Twitter and any other site I can think of, letting people know that these concerts are happening.

These concerts ARE happening. Martin Carthy is coming down to Penzance. Hope the weather is good for him, but not so good that people prefer to take to the beach.

Additionally, my own new band – Drop Dead Daddy – has its first gig this evening at the Swordfish in Newlyn. You have to understand that Newlyn is the fishing end of town, and that the Swordfish is the pub of choice for tired fishermen to get blasted in. On a Friday night, which it is.

I am told that we may well survive. We have been working at it every week for a while now, and we think we sound quite good, though I think we are all a little nervous to be out there showing off our newly found repertoire. Little Walter, Slim Harpo, Jimmy Reed and Louis Prima give us the inspiration – guitar (me!) – drums (Dennis) Stand up Bass (Tom) and a rocking harmonica sound from Roger. I wish I were more practised at playing an electric guitar, but it is coming along quite nicely I think….. rockin’ rhythm and blues!

And then back to the professional world of music – Martin Carthy is coming to Penzance! It is very exciting and no doubt it will be all right on the night…….. June 1st…..

Flats and Sharps are playing the night before as all my facebook contacts know by now….31 May…..

chin chin

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Johanna Graham at St Mary’s Church Penzance July 6

Johanna is Penzance’s finest and she has a new CD coming out…


tickets available at

Winner of The Best Jazz Act 2012. This is Cornwall What’s On Music Awards!

When Johanna is performing she has a unique ability to take on the personas of the stars from the past. You won’t get the feeling that she’s “doing Billie Holiday”, but something of the essence of the classic recording will come through naturally as she sings.

Perfect dinner jazz with guitar and double bass for for that much sought after intimate feel. For more upbeat celebrations and larger events, drums and saxophone can easily be incorporated, comprising some of the best jazz musicians.

A varied repertoire extends from Rodgers & Hart through to Astrud Gilberto’s Bossa Nova or modern classics done in her own unique jazzy way.

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Martin Carthy at St Mary’s Penzance June 1

The most exciting thing I have done in recent years is to book Martin to come down to Penzance. Miss him at your peril!

martin carthy

Tickets now available for
Martin Carthyfrom

Arguably the greatest English folk song performer, writer, collector and editor of them all’ Q Magazine

For more than 40 years Martin Carthy has been one of folk music’s greatest innovators, one of its best loved, most enthusiastic and, at times, most quietly controversial of figures. His skill, stage presence and natural charm have won him many admirers, not only from within the folk scene, but also far beyond it. Trailblazing musical partnerships with, amongst others, Steeleye Span, Dave Swarbrick and his award-winning wife (Norma Waterson) and daughter Eliza Carthy have resulted in more than 40 albums, but Martin has only recorded 10 solo albums, of which the much anticipated Waiting for Angels (Topic TSCD527) is the latest.

Whether in the folk clubs (which he continues to champion), on the concert stage or making TV appearances (he was the subject of the acclaimed `Originals’ music documentary strand on BBC 2) – there are few roles that Martin Carthy hasn’t played. He’s a ballad singer, a ground-breaking acoustic & electric guitarist and an authoritative interpreter of newly composed material. He always prefers to follow an insatiable musical curiosity rather than cash in on his unrivalled position. Perhaps, most significant of all, are his settings of traditional songs with guitar, which have influenced a generation of artists, including Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, on both sides of the Atlantic.

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